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Pro-male content and honest treatment of aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                                       Zathura (2005)

This movie was mostly overlooked as it came out around the same time as one of the new Harry Potter movies... and thats a real shame because its honestly not half bad. The movie opens with two brothers spending the day with their divorced father (who amazingly is still able to even see his kids, which was a good sign of the movie's quality) only to fight and bicker with each other instead of enjoying themselves. Naturally, dad has somewhere to be and leaves them with their irresponsable older sister, who is actually refreshing to see portrayed in a negative light dispite being born with a vagina.

Eventually, the two boys come across the titular game Zathura and, deciding that they have nothing better to do, give it a try. So begins the adventure of their lifetime...


I'll say this... the movie has some great CGI and the atmosphere and mood are really well done. Plus, as I mentioned before there is little to no male bashing to be found. True, the (almost all male) cast has a few flaws, but this includes the female character as well. In fact, you could argue that she is the most flawed, showing little tolerence for her younger siblings antics and focusing more on the attractive male astronaut than she should in such a dangerous situation.


One of the major themes is the young brothers learning to treat each other better and working together. While it takes them awhile to do this they certainly learn a valueble lesson by the end and are better for it. Their sister, however, stays her bitchy self at the end and learns nothing... though she does find out something she likely would have rather not known. (I won't spoil it, but her reaction is pretty hilarious.)


All in all, this is a great movie to watch with your family, especially if you have kids. It has scary moments that manage to avoid being too frightening, heartwarming moments that don't get too sappy, and a beautiful retro space universe that ties the whole thing together. Yeah, it IS a kid's movie, but if it can put a smile on this 21 year old man's face it'll likely put one on yours too.
                               - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Rated: PG (Mild fantasy violence and harsh language.)
Duration: 1 hour and 42 minutes
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