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                                          War of the Worlds (2005)

In this movie the aliens did a really good job of trashing the earth.  But the movie trashed non-custodial dads more thoroughly.

According to this movie non-custodial dads (represented by Tom Cruise) are absolute morons, who can't even make a sandwich.  They are so lazy, they apparently live like animals in their own filth and don't do the smallest bit of housework in their own homes.  They are completely self-centered and don't care about their children at all. Only when their children are about to be sucked up by a people munching monster do they start to care.

The mother on the other hand apparently has no faults at all.

Additionally, fathers apparently have zero interpersonal skills. Actually I think that was meant to be male-bashing rather than father-bashing.  All the male characters in the movie were portrayed negatively.

I would have walked out, except that I knew that I couldn't write a review if I had not seen the whole thing.

Besides being male-bashing throughout, it just sucked in the entertainment area. Only two or three people clapped at the end of the film, though the theatre was nearly full.

For those who read the book. It is nothing like the book. It is completely changed.
                                         - Reviewed by Paul G.
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