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                                                        Troy (2004)

This film is not historically accurate, but is very loosely based on a legend.  Whether that legend is based on anything that actually happened is anyone's guess.  Like the legend of "King Arthur", there is probably a kernal of truth behind it.

But this film does not accurately follow the legend.  There are many large differences.  In the film, most of the main characters are killed, but in the legend, they mostly survive.

Also, it was not convenient to adhere to the clothing of that era of Greek history.  The actual clothing of that era covered up the men too much, so more skimpy attire was invented to please the female movie goers.  Check out the guy in the picture to your left.  He could just as easily be on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.

The idea of men fighting and dying for a woman also appeals to female vanity.

Hollywood's hunks were put through months of rigoruos muscle building work-outs and then put in revealing costumes to please the women.  Action, adventure, and half-decent special effects were thrown in to please the male audience.

There is something for everybody, so long as everyone realises that Troy is entertainment not education.                       
                                - Reviewed by Paul G.