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Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                                  Toy Story (1995)

Woo boy, I loved this movie when I was a kid (Who didn't?), but now that I look back on it after so many years it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The whole thing seems harmless on the surface, but there is quite a bit of male bashing to be found here. Lets start at the begining.


The first main character of this movie is an old cowboy doll named Woody who has been Andy's (His owner.) favorite toy since he was old enough to play with toys. Then, everything changes when Andy gets a brand new toy for his birthday... a spaceman! (The second main character.) Since this new toy is so much cooler than lame old Woody Andy begins to quit playing with him so much. Naturally, Woody discusses this issue rationally with Buzz (The space toy.) and the two resolve the problem like mature adults.

No, actually, Woody acts pretty childishly and insults Buzz a few times before knocking him out a window. This, naturally, leads the other (male) toys to belive he has become a murder and they decide to give him a fair trial. Except that they don't and try to execute him on the spot, except for the sole female toy who tries talking some sense into them.

Luckily for Woody, before he can be vigilantly murdered Andy comes back to grab him so that he'll have a toy to play with at the pizza place the family is headed to. Along the way Buzz meets back up with Woody and informs him dispite the fact he thinks Woody tried to kill him, he is above petty revenge. But he isn't, and predictably a fight breaks out which ultimately leaves the two stranded.

Deciding working together is better than being abandoned for a stray animal to chew up they hitch a ride to the place Andy's family is eating at. After a few mishaps they then end up in the possesion of Sid, a kind child who... wait. Nope. He destroys his toys, is mean to his sister, is rude, destructive, and just an asshole in general.


Eventually, the toys escape and make it back home, but not before scarring the poor kid for life as shown when his little sister waves her doll in his face. Guess if a child misbehaves or doesn't show proper respect for his things its okay to scare the living crap out of him and make him fearful of toys for the rest of his life.

Anyway, your kids will probably love this movie. You, however, most likely will not, which is a shame. The movie as a whole is quite good, with excellent graphics and sound, plus a wonderful concept. It really makes me sad to think of what this movie could have been without all the misandry present.
                     - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Rated: G in USA.
Duration: 1 hour and 17 minutes
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