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Pro-male content and honest treatment of aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                                   The Queen (2006)

Far from being a comprehensive story of the life of HM Queen Elizabeth II, this film covers just eleven days following Diana's death.  The Queen's popularity fell during this period, because she did not seem to express enough sorrow or respect for Diana.

Diana was young with shiny hair, perfect skin and a sweet youthful charm.  She also supported the right charities and very publicly.  HM Queen Elizabeth II was not nearly as popular as Diana.  She could not compete.


Some would call this film a hatchet job on Queen Elizabeth, but its treatment of Prince Philip was even harsher.  Based on what he says in private, he seems positively evil.  But this is the most contentious issue of the film.  How did the scriptwriters know what the Queen or Prince Philip say to each other in private?  Of course they don't.  We have to accept that the film is based on conjecture and the gut feelings of the scriptwriters.

On the other hand, Tony Blair and Prince Charles come off smelling sweet indeed, as does Diana of course.


I gave this film two entertainment stars out of five, just because I am not a devoted follower of royalty.  To really enjoy this film, you need to be keenly interested in Diana or royalty in general.  Those keenly interested make up a small segment of the population and that is why "The Queen" is in limited release.  If you live in Texas, it might be hard to find, but it is probably playing everywhere in England.


By the end of the movie, you do get a real feeling for what it is like to be the Queen, but it is hard to say how accurate that feeling is.

Should you see the film?  Just ask yourself how interested you are in Diana and the royalty.  Also, will you be offended by a negative portrayal of the Queen?
                      - Reviewed by Paul G.

Rated: PG13 in USA & Canada, 12A in UK due to foul language.
Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes
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