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                                   The Descent  (2005)

Review 1: Neil Marshall is a director to keep your eye on. His latest film which came out last year was The Descent, which I got to see last night, and was a film I'd been looking forward to watching.

What makes the film so unique is that it's virtually an all female film, about a group of thrill seeker women going caving, when lots of bad stuff starts to happen. I won't spoil the plot, but it was a fun and jumpy ride, based hundreds of metres underground.


But the thing I most enjoyed was the way the film was virtually devoid of 'girl power' yet still managed to have some strong female leads, which I think is something that the director was aiming for. Plus the threat they encounter has nothing to do with being women.
                                                          - by Neonsamurai


Review 2:  Except for the freak plumbing accident in the beginning it was OK. And yes they didn't have some stupid girl power crap.  The women fought like you'd expect people to fight.  No fancy matrix kicks or beating up 300lb guys.  Also no stumbling victims who couldn't fight.

I also liked that one of the characters had a big ego and that's why they ended up where they did and they freely point out she caused the situation without blaming it on a man or passing it off.  In fact, as I watched it, I pretty much lost the idea these were all women and, instead was just watching characters dealing with a problem.


This not a typical B-movie with the usual gratuitous big breasted girl having a wet t-shirt or showing off her ass. All the women seem fairly normal to zero in sexuality."  I recommend this film for all horror fans.
                            - Reviewed by Mr X

Rated: R in USA, 18 in UK, 18A in Canada due to violence, gore foul language.
Duration: 1 hour, 39 minutes
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