Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

Tekkonkinkreet is a surreal urban fantasy story that follows two young boys named Black and White over the course of a year in their fictional home of Treasure Town. First, let me say that that both the graphics and music are top notch and perfectly capture the essence of each scene quite masterfully.

While the brothers are the main characters there are many subplots that revolve around major and minor characters alike, though all of them are pretty interesting and often intertwine with one another. It's a lot fun watching the story develop for these people over the one year window into their lives.

I will note that many men are portrayed negatively in this movie, however, that is simply because the vast majority of the characters are male. The few women we see don't seem much better and there are plenty of positively portrayed men. The two brothers themselves are also a bit mixed in this way, with Black being the more violent and ruthless of the two while White is very childlike and innocent.


There are a few dramatic and intense moments throughout the movie which will likely keep more than a few people on the edge of their seats. There is also plenty of action and fight scenes for people who like a good brawl. I will admit that some characters came off as a little two-dimensional, but most were fairly well written.


If you have an aversion to weirdness or a couple scenes of graphic violence you may want to pick a softer movie to watch. There are indeed some dark moments in this movie, but the end really makes it all worthwhile. If you want to take a chance with an anime that is a little different from what you are probably used to you should definitely check it out.
                   - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Run time: 110 minutes
Rating: R (Strong language, violence, disturbing images, brief nudity)
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