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                                        Sunshine  (2007)

Apollo 13 was a great film about a group of intelligent and strong men who in spite of the challenges of survival they had to face managed to endure and prevail thanks to their great perseverance and resolve.  This was a movie that showed the great inner strength of men at its greatest in my opinion.

Sunshine is a huge leap forward from Apollo 13 in terms of graphics - the cgi of the spacecraft and the sun and its rays are monumental, as is the proportion of the challenge.  A group of 8 scientists must reignite the dying sun 50 years from now after a previous expedition failed - Icarus 1.  The fate of mankind depends on their success and they face many life threatening challenges.


The movie took a huge leap back when it comes to character portrayal of men.  We have the usual politically correct 'must be a woman included rule' with two female scientists given the safer positions.  Strange as I am pretty sure if the world was threatened with extinction then every last woman would be protected immensely as their importance becomes paramount in the face of doom.  There would not be a woman on a mission like this.

But this isn't the only movie which has to be rudely invaded by females.  I am not against a woman being included no questions asked.  But just as chick-flicks are women's realm where their rules go, action movies and sci-fis are made for men's enjoyment and it is unfair to violate this with political correctness.


The men in this film were nearly all portrayed as young, movie star lookalikes and bombarded with negative male stereotypes such as fighting over the most trivial of matters - physically and generally acting like children while the two females looked on with fed up sighs and knowing phrases like : "We have another outburst of masculinity." One of the female characters was bearable (I have always liked Michelle Yeoh in her movies), but the other one was just annoying.  Somehow her moral opinions on what is right and wrong are of paramount importance to her love interest and thus the last man to survive (Cillian Murphy).


This movie might have been extremely good if it had laid off the male-bashing.  Even with the two female characters present.  It was gripping and almost overwhelmingly stunning for the first 2/3 but then it got all biblical, confusing and messed up and nearly everyone I know who has seen it is wondering what the hell was going on with all of this God and virtual reality stuff which really ruined the movie.

As the typical tabloid paper would say, this movie was full of 'bright' ideas.  The whole Asian and Western mixture of crew suggested a future relationship of power sharing for example.  From a sci-fi space fan's point of view or indeed many people, the last third of the movie was disappointing.

I also must add that Sunshine is given the usual dosage of male-bashing and political correctness that was just so unnecessary.  If anything like such a situation occurred, men would not look or act like that.  Not by a long shot.  This movie greatly underestimates the strength of men.
                     -Reviewed by Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn

Runtime: 1hr and 47 minutes
Certification: US: R, UK: 15 for violent content and language.
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