The Spiderwick Chronicles  (2008)

I saw this because a friend wanted to know if it was suitable for young children.  It is directed by Mark Waters.

This film is about fairies and magical creatures discovered by a man called Spiderwick and centres on three children, young boy twins (both played by Freddie Highmore) and a teenage sister.  The children discover a book in a mansion their control freak mother dragged them to (away from their father).  Upon opening they unleash the wrath of an evil spirit whose goal of destroying the world depends on apprehending the book.


Yes the CGI (computer generated images) monsters and ugly goblins who display rather disgusting acts of gluttony are well done as is the acting from the amazingly intelligent boys.  But I reached breaking point as the father is once again demonised and the mother lionized.

First of all the sister Mallory was repulsive and annoying having to discipline her brothers with a freaking fencing sabre and calling it "strong, independent girl power".   The mother is deliberately portrayed as a victim who can't control her boys and breaks down crying.  She is openly hostile to the boys and a prime example of how single mothers just cannot hope to raise young boys effectively and bring them up to be men..


During most of the movie one of the boys constantly complains he wishes he was with his father and tells his mother he hates her only to discover a fact that his sister and mother hid from him - their father cheated on their mother and is living with another woman.  It ends with the boy saying he wants to live with his mother!  It really was painful to watch.


Due to the continual negative stereotyping of fathers I would not recommend this film for children as it will only help reinforce the devastatingly destructive idea that fathers are useless.  It just cannot be accepted that while sometimes men do leave their wives for other women (never explained why other than his own selfishness) many men are kicked into the curb by their wives simply because they got bored of them.
                          - Reviewed by Mr. Doesn't giveadamn

Rated: PG in USA, PG in UK and PG in Canada
Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes
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