Spectre (2015)

This actually the fourth 007 movie staring Daniel Craig. It follows Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. Once again MI6 is under political threat. Is it outdated, an anachronism? And Bond finds himself at odds with his bosses. The villan, a Moriarity figure more powerful than ever, emerges from Bond's troubled past.

Sounds awfully familiar? It should, if you watched any of the recent Bond movies.

So what's new? Not a lot, and that is why people are ranking this film a little below the last two. On the other hand, it had all the ingredients of a good Bond movie; lots of action, exotic locals, scary villians, impossible escapes, beautiful heros and just a wild exciting ride from start to finish.

It was nice to see romance replace the casual, meaningless sex of the earlier Bond films. Léa Seydoux put in a strong performance as Madeleine Swann, who is the co-star rather than just the love interest.

Was the film male-positive? Well, maybe male-neutral. All the villians are male and all the females are good. But that is standard for nearly every movie.


The best part of the movie was right at the beginning. The bizzare 'Day of the Dead' parade winding its way through Mexico City and only slightly above the crowds, a desperate stuggle aboard a wildly careening helicopter. A very strong start that was never eclipsed in the rest of the film.

Still it was a pretty good Bond flick and better than most. If you are a Bond fan, you will like this one too.
                                   - Proud Guy

Rated: PG-13
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