Sin City (2005)

This movie is definitely not for everyone.  In fact, many people leave the theatre after only a few minutes.  The main reason is the graphic violence.

Sin City is an adaptation of a comic book by Frank Miller.  Extreme violence in comic books is more accepted than that same violence on the silver screen, perhaps because comics seem less real.  To some extent that unreal quality is transferred to the film with a comic book look and feel that is similar to
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

But the similarities end there.  Sin City shows a dirty urban landscape where the police are corrupt, crime is rampant, the men are all violent hard-core criminals, and the women are violent hookers.  In that environment, anything goes.  The breakdown of law and order makes it possible to see even extremely nasty crimes as somehow acceptable, so long as it is cast as a sort of vigilante or revenge justice.

I think that this film appeals to people who like to watch violence and who hunger for a simple solution to crime.

This film gets four burning bras for male bashing, but most of the male bashing has a chivalrous rather than a feminist angle.  We see a number of castrations, which is a hideous form of sexual assault and in our culture is also a form of gender hate crime.

There is a strong message that assaulting women is bad, but assaulting men is good.  The assumption is that women never do anything bad and should never be punished.  In a world of evil, men fighting other men in defense of women is shown as the only shining light of morality.  Only when serving women do the male characters rise out of the filth and achieve a meager nobility.

Well excuuuuse me, but my value as a human being does not hinge in how well I serve women.  Just like women, men's lives have intrinsic value regardless of the number of chivalrous acts they perform.

Because of the extreme violence, the male bashing, and the tired old dogma of chivalry, I don't recommend this film to anyone.  Go if you like, but don't say that you were not warned.
                                      - Reviewed by Paul G.


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