Saints Row IV - Xbox 360

Called the "climactic chapter" of the Saints Row saga by the developers Saints Row IV marks the end of the Saints story, at least in this incarnation. Continuing from the international heroes ending of Saints Row The Third the game opens with the Saints raiding a terrorist compound to put an end to an old foe once and for all. After successfully saving America from nuclear destruction the Boss is then elected as the new president of the USA.

Unfortunately, an alien invasion cuts their term short and forces them to take up arms against this powerful new threat. After a heated battle Zinyak, the leader of the alien invaders, gets the upper hand on the Boss and traps them in a virtual prison to break them and force the Saints to submit to his rule. From there the player is thrust into a virtual sandbox where they must find a way to stop this sinister new villain.

The biggest change from the previous games in the series is the addition of superpowers bestowed upon the player by hacking into the simulation and rewriting its code. As the game progresses the President rescues and prepares their allies for the final battle that will decide the fate of humanity through many story missions and side quests. Once everything is ready the Saints launch their final assault on Zinyak and his invading army.

Saints Row IV is honestly a pretty bittersweet game for me due to how different it is from the earlier games. While the superpowers and new weapons are certainly fun the game still lacks many things that won me over in the first place.

Steelport is reused from the last game with only a few new additions such as alien towers and propaganda posters. The game does boast many cool new features though, such as the ability to change the time of day after beating the game as well as over a hundred new weapon skins that can be swapped out at any time.

Diehard fans of the original games will probably be disappointed with the more outlandish plot and lack of diverse environments, but the writing has improved over the third game and several old characters return as programs in the simulation, including ones from the first and second games. I may not be entirely happy with the direction the series has gone, but I'm happy to report that Saints Row IV is at least a good game, if not a great one.


There are still some things that I would have liked to see that were once again excluded from the final product as well as some changes that I'm unhappy with, but for the most part I really enjoyed this game. There are a ton of new features and several improvements have been made that show that the developers did all they could to please both the old fans and the new ones.

It doesn't have everything, but the stuff it does have is worth checking out and mostly free of sexism and double standards. If you like sci-fi or superhero games this is a definite must have for your collection.
                                   - Reviewed by MidnightUndead

Rating: M (Blood, intense violence, partial nudity, sexual content, strong language, use of drugs)

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