Rocky Balboa  (2006)

A great film, it probably comes in right behind the original "Rocky" for best in the whole series.

Rocky Balboa, former two time heavyweight champ now lives in Philly, quietly running a restaurant named after his deceased wife.  His aspiring businessman son is struggling to step out of his shadow, and his manager Pauly (Burt Young) now has a small business of his own, in addition to being an artist.


The current champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon (former WBC champ Antonio Tarver) is 33-0, but the sport has changed, and a few ESPN pundits opine that if Rocky could fight him in his prime, he would easily win-sending out the not to subtle message that Dixon is an overrated, untested champ.  Dixon's managers get the idea to fight an exhibition match against Balboa.


Its funny to see the 67% obese American population ridicule Sly Stallone for making this film at age 60, when most of them will not even live that long.  Stallone looks like he could compete in a pro fight in this, it!


It looks pretty real.  In an age where "male" film leads are expected to be nuanced, obese, depressed and unsure of themselves, its nice to see a film like this with a clear, unambiguous positive life message-have the courage to listen to the voice in your head, not what conventional wisdom is telling you.  This film will really get you in the heart and make you feel good about yourself, and it is PG so you can bring your kids if you have any.
                 - Reviewed by: Sorry Isnt Good Enough.

Rated: PG in USA, 12A in UK, & PG in Canada due to boxing violence and foul language.
Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes
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