Poseidon  (2006)

For those who have seen the 1972 disaster classic 'The Poseidon Adventure', this remake is fairly similar.  A luxury ocean liner capsizes from a giant "roge wave".  A group of passengers struggle to survive and escape.

Special effects wizards have created a wave over twice as big as the one in 1972 in an attempt to totally overwhelm the audience.  Some of the scenes are spectacular.  When the windows all break at once, an incredible wave of water leaps toward the viewer.  It's like the 1972 special effects on steroids!

Two identical sets were built, one right side up and another upside down.  $140 million buys good special effects.

As in the 1972 version, the number of survivors dwindles as they struggle to pass each obstacle in their path.

The initial survivors include a career gambler (Josh Lucus), a desperate father (Kurt Russell) looking for his daughter (Emmy Rossum), and her fiancÚ (Mike Vogel), a single mother (Jacinda Barrett), her young son (Jimmy Bennett), an anxious stowaway (Mia Maestro), and a despondent gay man (Richard Dreyfuss).

It is hard not to compare this film against Titanic.  It is like Titanic light, in that it is only half as long at 99 minutes.  The pace of Poseidon is a lot quicker and there is not as much character development.  It is more like an action movie.  Things are blowing up and flames are shooting up and the water is always smashing through a window or rising up through the floor.

One good thing about the film was that it steered clear of the cliches.  No evil mastermind to fight against, no bumbling nerd to provide comic relief.  In fact, the characters seemed very real and easy to believe.  My only problem was that I did not identify with any of them.  I was rooting for the boy and the gay guy, but other than that I felt fairly detached.

Since the men in the movie (and even a father) were generally portrayed in a positive way, I gave this film a
two happy males rating.

Would I recommend this movie?  If you loved Titanic, you will probably like Poseidon.  It was entertaining and the 99 minutes passed quickly, but it felt a bit empty.  There was nothing really amazing or thought provoking about it.

Should you go see it?  Sure, why not? 
                                    - Reviewed by Paul G.

Rated: PG13 due to freightening scenes.
Duration: 1 hour, 39 minutes
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