Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)

This has to be one of the worst movies to have ever been made. The film is extremely long and has no direction.  It's all special effects and political correctness.

Throughout the film you are presented with plot hooks that never come to fruition.  It would not be that much of a big deal if the hooks were not part of the main plot!  For instance, in the second film they claim Cutler Beckett has a secret, yet it seems as if the filmmakers forget about that little tidbit in this film.


What is Cutler Beckett's purpose in the film?  If he's a businessman shouldn't he be somewhere counting money , trying to expand his assets , rather than engaging in firefights with pirates?  This film was all over the place and thus ended up nowhere.  Johnny Depp is made into more of a coward.  The film focuses way too much on Keira Knightley as Pirate "King" (Of course the men were portrayed as too "catty" to be nominated.  Everyone with a brain knows that women nearly hold exclusive rights on being catty, not men.),  a dirty Carribean lady as "the goddess Calypso", and the men being portrayed as arguing simpletons, cowards, tyrants, etc.

Within the first part of the film the stage is set for the "women can do anything" diatribe.  We get to hear several "sexist" men constantly remind us that Keira is a woman.  A bunch of cheesy encounters set-up Keira as "being the victim of sexism."  I mean these "sexist men" constantly refer to Keira even if the scene has nothing to do with her.  The feminist gestapo just would not give up.  I felt like yelling "Ok, we get it already! Move on!"


Throughout the film Keira Knightley kicks men in the nuts and is allowed to get away with having Depp killed in the last film.  A bunch of hardened pirates also seem to have no problem with a pampered socialite leading them.  Of course pro-female women say the movie was great and claim the effects were out of this world -- and they were nice -- but at times you could tell they were simply standing in front of a blue screen.  So I only give credit where it is due.

The Calypso/Davy Jones part was completely unnecessary.  What you see in this portion is a woman gaining delight from rejecting a man.  Most feminist films do this to continue the myth that women reject men and not the other way around.  They somehow forget that women today are crying over the hugely successful "Marriage/Relationship Strike" which shows how many men don't want to be bothered with spoiled women.


Calypso serves no purpose other than to grow 50 ft. tall, give a retarded smirk, turn into a bunch of crabs, and start a big sea storm for absolutely no reason.  Waste of time.

You can rarely trust popular culture when it comes to their reviews, since the mainstream media loves feminist/misandric nonsense.  Trust me, if you're a man you will not want to see this film.
                        Reviewed by: Sick of Misandry

Rated: PG13 in USA, 12A in UK, PG in Canada due to action violence and scary images.
Duration: 2 hours and 48 minutes
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