The Philosophy Behind this Site

The Big Picture:

The times that we live in are increasingly anti-male.  This is most evident in the media.  Many people have become so used to male-bashing in the media that they don't even notice it anymore.  It seems normal to them.

A number of negative effects have been produced by our cultural biases regarding gender:

Our legal system feels that fathers should have no right to see their children after divorce.  They leave it up to the mother to decide if children and fathers may contact each other.

There is no sympathy, nor social services for battered husbands.  They must fend for themselves as best they can.  The media portrays domestic violence against men as humorous.

Men now make up less than forty percent of post-secondary enrolment and dropping, while suicide deaths are eighty-five percent male and rising.

The Little Picture:

This backdrop adds a little itching powder when I find myself stuck watching a feminist male-bashing film.  It is very irritating, annoying, and a rip-off.

Lost in Space" comes to mind.  How was I to know that it was a feminist film?  I thought that space ships and laser cannons would be a perfect place where a man could relax and enjoy without put-downs and feminist preaching.

What annoyed me about "Mama Mia" was not the level of male-bashing, but the cost of the tickets.  I paid $150 for the privilege of being dissed.  Nobody warned me that "Mama Mia" was anti-father or anti-male.  The reviews said that it was a sweet play about a girl who would soon be married, but no mention of anti-male content!  I guess that we are not supposed to mind.

Men's Movie Guide:

My plan then was to create a web site that would warn men ahead of time to save you money and aggravation.  Besides that, it would be great to spotlight films of particular interest to men, such as "Evelyn".  Many divorced fathers can identify with Desmond Doyle, fighting to get his kids back.

                                                                            - Paul G.