Off the Chain (2004)

"Off the Chain" is just more humorless, male bashing.

I had occasion to catch this so-called movie at a screening and was disgusted by the blatant male-bashing content of the film. It is based on a story that would make any man recoil (the main character is so lazy and no-account that his wife decides to liberate herself by trying to kill him).

Suffice it to say, the movie depicts every man as either dumb or shiftless. Furthermore, the numerous jokes (or so called jokes) about lopping off male genitalia were so offensive, that many men stormed out of the theater. The filmmakers claim the movie is a dark comedy, but the simple fact is, there is nothing even marginally funny about the subject matter. It is distasteful and an affront to all men.

Originally, "Off the Chain" was only available on the festival circuit, but according to the distributor's website (, the film is about to be released in theaters around the country. Interestingly enough, they posted a statement on their homepage in response to the numerous and outraged emails they have received about "Off the Chain".

In closing, this reviewer has only two words of advice: Buyer Beware. Don't waste your money on this film. It is a prime example of the feminist agenda at its worst.
                   - Reviewed by: Slantedjustice

Rated: ?   Warning: Promotes hatred of a segment of society.
Duration: 100 min
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The Harm Done:

Everyone agrees that domestic violence against women is a subject that must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Otherwise, battered women would fear ridicule if they stepped forward and agencies would find it more difficult to help these victims.

Similarly, movies that depict domestic violence against men as a joke, ensure that when male victims of domestic violence look for the sort of help that is readily available to females, they will be ridiculed. Such films also undermine the efforts of nonprofit groups whose mission is to assist battered husbands with temporary lodgings and counselling. Two such groups are the
Domestic Abuse Helpline and Stop Abuse for Everyone.

Additional information about male victims of domestic violence.
                                    - Paul G.
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