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                                                 Now, Voyager (1942)

Well, if you're looking for a very non-heinous chick-flick (and a formidable tearjerker), I would VERY highly recommend "Now, Voyager." This film is so beautiful that it literally makes me misty-eyed every time I see it.

Bette Davis is absolutely magnetic, and you can strongly empathize with her character. She has a controlling mother and a severe inferiority complex, but a psychiatrist (AND a Hungarian sea-cruise passenger played by Paul Henreid) help her break out of her shell and confront her own personal demons.

It's just a bit schmaltzy in comparison to modern-day cinema (it was produced in 1942), but that's a big part of its charm, and the script avoids showing its age too much by being very cleverly written and inventive.

I wish they could still make romance films like this, with the gentle grace and charm of old Hollywood instead of the mean-spirited "humor" and crudeness (not that that's always a bad thing!)
                                    - Reviewed by Buddy-Rey

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