Minutemen (2008)

This made-for-TV teen movie follows a standard format.  Football jocks are cruel to a few boys who are nerds and outcasts.  The nerds and outcasts find a way to fight back by using their high IQs, science and unorthodox thinking.

That sounds a bit boring, but it is actually a nice little film.  The outcasts are very likeable characters and it is great to see the friendships develop between them.  The plot moves quickly and there are plenty of fun action scenes.

Another very familiar plot, even in adult movies, is that there are good boys and bad boys, but all the girls are assumed to be good.  The female love-interest must then decide which boy is good and which is bad and in the end she chooses the good boy.  Of course a girl would never want to date a bad boy (never happens ;-)  She is just confused as to which one is good.  This is sort of like Beauty and the Beast.


Jason Dolley, Luke Benward and Nicholas Braun have a real chemistry that makes the film really fun to watch.  I don't want to give away the whole plot, so let me just say that I recommend it for viewers of all ages, but especially teens.  It is clean fun with nothing nasty to spoil it.
                             - Reviewed by Paul G

Rated:  Minimal violence and no sex .
Duration:  1 hour and 38 minutes
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