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                    Michael Jackson - This is it (2009)

I expected the film to have a quick segment about his death, then show him practicing the upcoming performance followed by vintage footage of his life.  But it was only about practicing for the upcoming performance.  His life and his death were not even mentioned.

There was no nostalgia at all.  Watching the film you would think that Michael was still alive.

There were lots of young male dancers, Black and Hispanic, with big muscles, but very few female dancers, which made me wonder if Michael was gay.


"This is it" is really for die hard M.J. fans.  My feeling is that he had a few good tunes and I wondered how he did the "moon walk".  That was not enough to take me through a two hour film about him rehearsing.  My first yawn was at the 45 minute mark.

It is amazing how much effort goes into making a few songs.  I wonder what critics would have said about his upcoming performance had he lived.


This would be a good DVD to play while you are doing something else, like cleaning the house.  It is OK if you miss a few minutes.  This no plot.

It is a great film though if you really love Michael's music.  It was almost like seeing the performance he would have given in London had he lived.
                                   - Reviewed by PaulG

Rated: PG in USA, PG in UK, PG in Canada due to scary images and sexual suggestion.
Duration: 2 hours and 1 minute
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