Lord of War (2005)

Since this movie is the story of an arms dealer and his life since he began this business I didn't expect there to be too many positive male role models or a fair portrayal of men in general. However, this movie is a bit deeper than I initially expected.

While the main "protagonist" Yuri is certainly a vile man who deserves the contempt he gets very well and his biggest buyer is an African dictator, men are decently portrayed and many have hidden depths that are revealed as the movie goes on.


The "antagonist" of this film is a man named agent Valentine, who is actually one of the most moral characters in the movie. At one point he has Yuri completely at his mercy and refuses to simply execute him as his comrade suggests because of his firm code of honor and belief that justice will prevail eventually.

Many parts of the movie take place in brutal war zones and violence is very common throughout. This is not the type of movie to watch if you are faint of heart or hate to see scenes of brutally gruesome violence being carried out against innocents. In short, this probably isn't the type of film to watch with your girlfriend or family unless they (and yourself) can take some of the worst things humanity has to offer.


All in all, this is a very cynical film. Its starts out as a dark comedy/action and slowly shifts to a depressing drama the more it goes on. If you happen to be going through a bad day this movie should be the last thing on your list to watch. Keeping with the subject matter, most characters are left miserable or dead, with Yuri getting a very bittersweet ending himself.

Many parts of this movie surprised me, while most of the men portrayed were clearly meant to be viewed in a negative light, some do an excellent job of showing men's finer traits such as courage, conviction, integrity, and selfless sacrifice. I can't give this movie an entirely positive score, but for the most part it treats men fairly while noting that there are both good and evil men.


This movie might make you think, it might entertain you, it might leave you a little wiser than before, but you will definitely leave it feeling something. Not the best movie I've seen, though still pretty good for what it is.
                     - Reviewed by: Midnight Undead

Run time: 123 minutes
Rating: R (Strong violence, drug use, language and sexuality.)
Stars indicate entertainment value (out of a maximum of five stars).

Pro-male content and honest treatment of aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
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