Let's Go To Prison (2006)

I watched this movie after a friend lent me it, saying it was one of the best he'd seen. We usually don't share a similar sense of humor, but it wasn't often he recommended a comedy so I gave it a shot. If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation... don't bother.

The plot of the movie involves a petty criminal who has spent most of his life in jail thanks to an extremely strict judge. The movie opens with him being released and planning his revenge. Unfortunately, the judge passed away peacefully just a few days prior... leaving only his son behind. Deciding that going after the judge's son is better than nothing the criminal goes after him instead.

He gets the son in trouble with the law and after a joke of a court scene he soon joins him on a bus back to prison. Once there a few crude and tasteless jokes are made, including the groin attack commonly portrayed in these types of poor quality comedies. Unless you find neo-Nazis and prison rape funny subject matter you won't get many laughs... or any at all.


What makes this really bad is that the main characters, both the criminal and the judge's son, are completely selfish assholes. They have few positive traits and act childish and petty constantly. The prison guards and even the warden (men) are all implied to be pretty corrupt and delight in abusing the inmates in various way, such as putting money on dangerous prison fights.


The whole movie is a train wreck of misandry and stale overused jokes there were not funny in the first place. I described some of the issues above. Imagine about ninety minutes of that! This "comedy" is best enjoyed being roasted over an open fire or being run over with your car. If you have a monster truck handy, it also couldn't hurt to use one of those too. Or a nuke. This movie is seriously that bad. No, wait, it's not THAT bad... it's worse. Do not waste money on it.
                      - Reviewed by: Midnight Undead

Rating: R (Strong laugage, violence, sexual content, and drug content.)
Run time: 84 minutes
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