Jesse Stone:Death in Paradise (2006)

This thing looks like the script was written by NOW.  Seriously, it looks more like feminist propaganda than entertainment.

It starts off with a dead, pregnant fourteen your old.


First suspect is high school all american athelete with perfect grades.  (Good at sports + good in school + male = rape/murderer).  Mangina sellout Tom Selleck comments: "He should play baseball at Duke."  (Get it?)  Cleared.

Second suspect is, of course, the father.  Kicked girl out of house, because she's pregnant with possibly his baby.  (Paedophile and general pos, not to mention another good reason why parental notification of their kid's abortion is a bad thing.)

Girl's sister hints that father molested her.  Cleared.  Afterward Mangina comments: "Not ALL fathers molest their children."  This has to be my favorite line in the whole movie.  I mean thanks scumbag, for acknowledging those few fathers that manage to succesfully battle the craving to molest their kids. (sarcasm)

Third suspect supports childrens causes and throws parties for political friends (Republican no doubt).  He tells everyone to bring their kids to the party since he loves kids, but the real reason is so he and his White male Republican friends can molest them.
(Men invoved with children = paedophiles.  White male conservatives = paedophiles)

Of course there's the obligatory male batterer who beats woman and shoots cops thrown in for good measure.  I was sucked into watching, because I liked the Selleck character in the original movie.

Minus all the misandrist crap, this could have been a good series.
                                  - Reviewed by: CrusoeG        

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