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Pro-male content and honest treatment of aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                     James and the Giant Peach (1996)

This is a movie beloved by children and even adults everywhere, but is it worth your time? The movie is certainly entertaining, but isn't 100% male friendly. Many people may overlook this, but I noticed the the female insects were generally played as more sensible and mature while the male bugs sometimes came off as bumbling or childish.

Fortunately, these negative aspects arn't given much focus and the films villains stand out much more than any of the bugs. James lives with his aunts, see, only they are completely disgusting individuals who are quickly established to care nothing for James and only for themselves. This is quite a contrast to the kinder, gentler, women parental figures you see in other works.

Anyway, because child services apparently does not exist in this universe, James is forced to make his escape from his two wicked legal guardians by riding a giant peach filled with bugs into the ocean. Again, let me remind everyone that this is a childrens story, though you might think otherwise from some of the scarier scenes. If your child is under ten years old it might be a good idea to wait a bit before showing them this movie.


Some of my friends saw this movie at a really young age and had nightmares for a while. If you have a brave child, however, then this is probably a movie you both can enjoy. It has plenty of action and tense moments to keep the adults interested and the children on the edge of their seat. Anyway, without spoiling anything both of the aunts get whats coming to them and the movie ends on a heartwarming note. But is this a movie that YOU can watch with your kids?


Ultimately yes, I certainly think you can. While I mentioned some mild anti-male content, the film more than makes up for it with the two vile villainesses who will have everyone in your family booing at them from the moment they appear on screen. The male characters in this movie have a flaw or two, but are all good people. These bitches however, are complete and total human scum that even a diehard feminest couldn't portray in a positive light and the movie goes a long way to show that being a woman doesn't automatically make you a good parent.

I enjoyed this movie more than many other films targeted at children who give the lady bad guys tragic backstories or other characteristics that make them more sympathetic in the audiences eye than the male villains. Not at one point in this movie are we supposed to feel sorry for them and you'll be applauding as soon as James gets away from them to start his adventure.
                                 - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Rated: PG (due to mild disturbing content and some peril.)
Duration: 1 hour and 19 minutes
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