Iron Man (2008)

Jon Favreau's Iron Man is a rare treat indeed.  In fact I'd say it is the best superhero genre movie I have seen in years.  Who would have thought that Hollywood today would shoot out anything even half watchable for men?

First of all, I have to say Robert Downey Jr (this movie is his comeback apparently) IS Tony Stark.  Stark is a child prodigy or someone similar who owns a huge company that builds weapons years ahead of what the US has currently in terms of technology and basically he finds out that devoting his inventing to such a facility is extremely dangerous.  He is captured by soldiers in Afghanistan who want him to build the weapons in a cave for them to dominate the West with.  He instead with the help of a European assistant builds ... Iron Man, escapes and interesting things happen.


In this movie Stark lives like a King who clearly enjoys immensely living without marriage and children as evidenced by scoring arrogant blonde reporter skanks.  He lives in a dream mansion in Malibu and has frigging flight attendants/strippers on his private jet!  The skank reporter he scores wakes up to find Stark's assistant who has clean pressed  clothes for her and a taxi that will take her wherever she wants!


Later when Stark is walking swiftly up the red carpet at a benefit dinner, this blonde hottie asks him if he remembers her and he retorts ‘Not at all' without looking at her or breaking his stride!  His cute assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow), who does everything for Stark including taking his trash out, is ok but doesn't change his mind about settling down at all, which is amazing.  No Mr. Pussy in this movie (unlike Spider Man).


This movie was complained about immensely by feminists of course, yet did so well at the box office and both men and women seem to love it.  It's because the annoying female character is kept bearable and to a minimum which is a breath of fresh air MRAs have been waiting ages for.  Great action scenes and a stunner at the end of the credits!  The MRA film of 2008 for sure!
                   - Reviewed by: Mr. Doesntgiveadamn

Rated: PG13 in USA, 12 in UK, PG in Canada for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and brief suggestive content..
Duration: 2 hours and 6 minutes
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