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                                      Hot Fuzz  (2007)

My friend and I went to see this movie as a break from work.  The trailers made it look enjoyable enough and the day in the life of a policeman idea was quite intriguing to me.  It was also quite interesting to know it was made by the makers of Shaun of the Dead (not that I know anything about it other than it has zombies and a subsequently violence).

Edgar Wright's fast paced action slash comedy actually has a clever plot to it and is reasonably gripping unlike the usual simple minded adrenaline pumping action genre.  Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), a humourless and almost overly competent police sergeant who sets the archetype of a physical enforcer of the law is banished away to a quiet Gloucestershire village by his superiors who make their jealousy of his superiority and their resentment palpably clear in doing so.


The first half is gentle and painfully slow as he meets the residents of Sanford (all British actors) and a dim-witted though lovable police partner Danny (Nick Frost) and his father the police chief (Jim Broadbent).  The pace really picks up half way through as the two officers are surrounded by a series of fatal so-called ‘accidents' very shocking deaths too!  Extremely loud, lightning fast car chases, gunfights and exaggerated camera work ensue.

The script of this movie is well done and you will likely get many laughs from the humour and wit (Timothy Dalton   James Bond 4   was particularly funny) and it was gripping enough for me not to get bored.  It has some genuinely memorable and surprising twists e.g. involving a swan. 

Simon Pegg does a great acting job, as do most of the residents in the village and the comedy factor was what made this movie shine and it can certainly not be called a spoof.  However I found it hard to appreciate the combination of action plus quasi-serious scenes and situations and the comedy.  This is probably due to this movie being made by creators of zombie movies which normally have a similar kind of feel to it and I personally found the exaggerated action moments where our heroes survive ridiculous experiences e.g. explosions, over the top.


I was thankful for the fact that the male-bashing was kept to a minimum all in all.  The scene where Pegg s character is dumped by his girlfriend, because she didn't see enough of him (of course she would never have chosen him if he wasn't so successful) annoyed me a little, but I forgot about it quickly as Pegg was not a wuss who let such things get to him.

There was violence against men and women for the most part and many exciting methods of elimination.  A little boy (not a woman) gives Timothy Dalton a pop in the balls, but Pegg flying double side kicks an old lady in the face, which is unusual so it is not too much of an issue.  Because Hot Fuzz is supposed to spoof Point Break and Bad Boys, which are made reference to in the movie, this would likely be a film feminists and other man-haters would describe as overflowing in machismo and testosterone.  But this time the giving and taking of violence as far as gender is concerned is impressively equal in this movie.


There is also a policewoman, who unlike most females in positions of power (yes even comedy/action), who are bitchy and over self-righteous, she is just like her male peers and treated the same way and very likeable smiley and eccentric.  A few comments about ‘police officer and policewoman' and ‘sexism' but she laughs it off - silly but nothing to get in a twist about.  This, my friends, is a movie where you can safely enjoy a humorous action movie without having to worry about male-bashing so please enjoy!

Pegg himself was a very strong man who is determined to do his utmost best to make the world a safer place for everyone at the risk of his life and though his actions make this clear, he makes a very touching speech to his Danny his police partner, who is also a very likeable man and a good person despite his faults.

Overall this is not a groundbreaking movie and is a tad too long and slow moving at the start but a very enjoyable feature that while not being perfect.  It is not a spoof or anything to be taken seriously and it is strictly for putting smiles on faces.  How much this movie will appeal to you will probably vary.  I don't think in the ‘love it or hate it' way but the ‘like it or not' way.
                     -Reviewed by Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn  

Runtime: 2 hours and 1 minute
Certification: USA: R, UK:15 for violent content including some graphic images, and language.
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