Finding Nemo (2003)

Are you man enough to take your kids to see a G rated movie - regardless of their or your age?  It is a definite treat!

It centers primarily around Father/Son pairings (Nemo and his father Marlin, and Squirt and his father Crush) and positive male mentors like Gil.  Even the sharks do their best to be good role models, though they are recovering from some pretty strong addictions.  It's also a strong message to all parents to "let go" and give you kids more freedom while continuing sensible boundaries that aren't based on your fears.

Alexander Gould provides the voice for Nemo and Marlin's voice comes from Albert Brooks.

The fact that the voice talent is supurb, the animation is the best, the characters of each species of fish are honed to a tee, and the script carries healthy positive messages.  No beautiful princess waiting for a rich prince, or monther/son connection that makes you wonder if the kid had a biological father.  This is one of the best, if not the best animated kids messages I can remember.

Grab the kids or grand kids or hitch a ride with the neighbors and their kids and see this movie!  And, if you can't find some kids to go with, there will be plenty of them in the audience.
                                   - Reviewed by
- Gordon Clay
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