Fever Pitch (2005)

Fever Pitch is a fun romantic comedy that I watched on a recent plane trip abroad. While this is a movie that I probably would not have rented, I enjoyed it and actually found it was progressive in terms of some gender
stereotypes that have become too common.

A school teacher named Ben (Jimmy Fallon) meets a climbing corporate star Lindsay (Drew Barrymore) and the two begin to date. Although Lindsay had originally rejected Ben, she changed her mind when she realized whenever she tried to date "up" (i.e. successful businessmen) it always turned out bad. Most of her friends are supportive, and the one who doesn't think he's "good enough" because he is a junior high teacher is portrayed as the evil, competitive friend. Finally, a breakthrough in the campaign of men as wallets!

Ben's lifestyle issue is that he is not just a Red Sox fan, he goes to every
single game. Lindsay, on the otherhand, is a workaholic. While some may see Ben's addiction to the Red Sox as "immature" which fulfills another stereotype, I believe that this is outweighed by his positive attributes: he is a good teacher, loved by the kids, smart, funny, and nice. There is no male bashing in this movie, and Lindsay and Ben, despite their difficulties, relate to each other in very mature ways for a romantic comedy.

I won't spoil the end but I will say that it's not exactly a shocking ending.
Overall, a fun movie, a balance of humor, romance, and sports, and some positive avoidance of bad male stereotypes.
                                                                   - Strutman
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