Elfen Lied - Erufen rīto (2004) TV Series

A young woman escapes violently from imprisonment at a heavily guarded research facility on an island near Kamakura in Japan, using some kind of supernatural weapon.  A 0.5 calibre bullet to the head knocks her into the sea and winds up the following day with a split infantile personality by a boy called Kohta and his cousin Yuka who take her in and call her Nyu as that is all she can say with her cold, sadistic 'Lucy' personality dormant.  Meanwhile the research facility prepare to hunt her down by any means necessary.

This Japanese anime has affected me in a way that no other has and the main theme throughout Elfen Lied is the facing off of the all too human diclonius whose genes tell them to eliminate homosapiens and the casual, cruelty and evil of humanity.  It is about human evolution where the Queen Bee Lucy's (she is regarded as the one chosen by God as she is capable of sexual reproduction) solipsism foresees the destruction of the human race by the all female worker bees (infertile diclonius who are born to parents when Lucy infects a human male, whose purpose in life is to search and destroy).  The only male diclonius are drones which means they have no powers and are bald and ugly.


This series had sensational, haunting music as well as the best animation ever seen and is riddled with extreme violence and nudity though no blatant sex and I have to say that it was a complete waste of potential.  It essentially tells us what Political Correctness and Feminism is telling us everyday.

How is that?  With virtually zero exceptions we see that every single male character is sick, twisted, brutish or evil in someway and with three minor exceptions throughout the whole series all females are shown to be either helpless victims or merciless killers who are the result of relentless male abuse.  While we see Lucy's killer personality partially the result of exclusive male abuse we see her alter ego Nyu as a pure epitome of female victimisation.  We see men as liars, pedophiles, rapists, deadbeat dads, dog beaters, sadists and generally the lowest form of human life there is at all times.


All in all I was thinking only one thing throughout and that was total role reversal.  If you watch it you will see what I mean.  This series had the potential to demolish every stereotype about men, show the extreme struggle it is for a boy facing the merciless pressures of the 'be a men' doctrine and being subject to abuse than a male would be far more likely to face.

I will give you one example for starters.  It is purely because Lucy is woman that the opening scenes depict her as a virgin goddess, pure and innocent.  The worship of women's bodies is already something we see everyday.  Imagine if we made the Gustav Klimpt pictures in the opening scenes of Greek Godlike male bodies.  It would mock the demonisation of men's bodies in the media for a start!


The only redeeming feature is the obvious display of female and male domestic violence by Yuka onto the spineless and idiotic wimp Kohta.It just goes to show how petty ad violent women really are.  And also towards the end the Chief of the research facility, Kurama is shown to have feelings as he is seen re-united with his daughter who is armed with 11 metres long invisible arms and an extremely predatory and sadistic personality - probably molded by her lack of contact with her daddy.

Enjoy the music, animation and ignore the silly fan service (pointless nudity and embarrassing sexual situations) and this may well be the poignant series you have ever seen in your life. It is not for the faint of heart by any means.  It is extremely anti-male and a waste of potential overall in my opinion.
                           by Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn

Rated: R in USA, 15 in UK
Duration: 25 minutes per episode (13 total)
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