Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

I think the best pro man movie I have seen lately was Days Of Wine And Roses made way back in 1962.  Plot is about alcoholism and the struggle to overcome it.  The male character, played by Jack Lemon is definitely male positive.  He overcomes his alcoholism or rather restrains it, while his wife sinks deeper into its abyss.


The male character also is portrayed as a loving father raising his young daughter on is own after alcoholism tears his life and family apart.
                                  - Reviewed by: Luek

Rated: Unrated in USA and PG in Canada.
Duration: 1 hour and 57 minutes
Stars indicate entertainment value (out of a maximum of five stars).

Happy males indicate pro-male content, or honest treatment of important aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
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