Male-Bashing Commercials

They're on just about every channel and any program that you care to watch.  Many people pretend that they don't see them.

When you were a kid on the playground and a bully hit you, and that bully was too big to fight, what did you do?  You held back the tears.  You pretended that it was OK.  What else could you do?  This is a learned response.  If something is too big for us to fight, we pretend that it's OK.  "That didn't hurt much.  I barely felt it."

That may be best for the playground, but when it comes to major trends and forces that shape our world in ways that don't just affect us, but also effect our children and everyone else, we need to stand up to bullies.  We each need to do our bit to make a change for the better, to make a difference.

So, what can we do about anti-male commercials?

1.  Hit the Mute Button
What I do is hit the mute button.  I use this time to talk with my wife, check the weather channel, or grab a snack and a cold one.  (There are many ways to use this time.)  Not very heroic, eh?  No, but their marketing dollars are wasted.  I'm not watching their commercials, frankly, because so many of them stink.

2.  Submit a Complaint to a Regulatory Body
You can also submit a complaint about television programming or commercials to regulatory bodies.  Most Western countries have similar criteria regarding sexist stereotyping and commercials that advocate violence.  Use these links to see how to complain in your country:

Advertising Standards Bureau
Australian Broadcasting Authority

Advertising Standards Canada
Canadian Boadcast Standards Council 

United Kingdom:
Office of Communications

3.  Complain to the Company
Phone calls and snail mail letters are the most effective ways to complain.  Emails are less effective, because when companies receive large numbers of complaining emails, they suspect that a small number of people have written all the emails.  Phone calls and snail mail seem more authentic, especially if you include your name and address.

Do not make your letter too angry nor too conciliatory.
 You want your letter to be taken seriously.  The contact information for many companies is available at the link below. 

4.  Boycott Advertised Products
You can boycott the products of companys that promote gender bigotry.

A List of Companies to Boycott Including Links to the Infamous Commercials

                    Web-Based Resources

Menstuff - How to Reach Congress and Major Media

Menstuff - Media Watch - Current Campaigns