Babel (2006)

This film tracks family tragedies in America, Morocco, Japan and Mexico by flipping back and forth from one to the other.  Each family is interconnected by minor related events.

If there was a contest to make the most depressing film ever, this film would be a very strong contender.  By the end of the movie, I was thoroughly bummed out.  Besides that, it was boring.   If it was intended to be an intellectual work, then it must have been well beyond my ability to comprehend.


On the plus side, it did give viewers a taste of contrasting cultures, hence the name ‘Babel'.  The Old Testament story about 'Babel' is that all the nations of the earth got together and built a tower that became so tall that it threatened to reach God himself.  God was angered by this human hubris, so he decided to give each nation its own language.  The people from different nations could no longer understand each other, so the construction stopped.  The tower was called ‘The Tower of Babel'.  The word ‘Babel' has entered our language.  For example, ‘babbling' means to speak in a way that is not understandable.  Apparently, this lack of understanding between cultures is the theme of the movie.


It sounds like a clever premise, but the movie does not deliver.  Brad Pitt's acting was fine, of course, but his role in the film was limited.  His family tragedy is only one of the four that are covered.

Each family tragedy was caused by some man's mistake, which is not a fair gender characterization.  Other than that it was fine genderwise..


I do not recommend this film just because it is depressing and boring.
                                   - Reviewed by Paul G.

Rated:  R in USA due to violence, nudity and foul language.
Duration: 2 hours & 22 minutes
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