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Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                                           Annie (1982)

If you look at the cover of the DVD you will likely see a cute little girl hugging a dog.  It may stimulate you into thinking this is a classic family musical that everyone will enjoy.  The movie of tomorrow it is called.

Think Again.

This movie does have some great songs and some touching moments with a generally happy uplifting atmosphere despite being set in the Depression period of US history.   Directed by John Huston, it is a Broadway musical based on the little orphan girl Annie comic strip.  Starring Aileen Quinn and Albert Finney, it follows a 10 year old girl in an orphanage for girls, run by a drunk, skanky woman called Mrs. Hannigan.  She dreams of finding her Mum and Dad and eventually ends up being chosen to live with the billionaire Oliver Warbucks for a week as a publicity tactic.  Needless to say the ending is happy.


But I have to say this.  This film suffers greatly from male-bashing with astonishing violence to back it up.  Although I was a young boy when I saw this, I remember being enraged at the scene where Annie finds a dog being chased and harassed by a gang of older boys.  I am sorry no little girl no matter how plucky can beat up boys that big and send the rest of the flocking.  It was completely absurd.


First of all the vivid demonization of males as animal abusers was extremely poignant and distressing.  I remember seeing a gang of girls (nedettes where I come from) harassing a dog in the inner city and throwing things at it.  There is a huge stereotype that says a girl can beat up any boy if he is hurting a dog.  That is about as demonizing to men as you can get.  That part was disgusting.


Then there is the pompous Daddy Warbucks who wanted a boy rather than a girl before she grew on him.  Then there was the gorgeous mother figure of the girl who taught her how to dance.  And something else when we see the poor billionaire being kicked in the genitals by a seemingly accidental move made by Annie.  Later there is the criminal man known as Rooster who works with the slutty orphanage owner and his new gold digging girlfriend to get the reward for the finding of Annie's parents.

I suppose the idea that Mrs. Hannigan actually enjoys being around men and how the billionaire managed to resist her was something.  But overall this film reeks of misandry.

Do yourself a favor and don't show this to your son.
                                           - Reviewed by Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn

Rated: G in USA & U in UK with mild violence
Duration: 2 hours & 7 minutes
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