An American Haunting (2006)

Three words to men that are thinking of renting or buying this film: Don't do it.  This film is full of anti-father/male bashing ideology.  The film, which was supposed to showcase the myth of the Bell witch, instead goes the way of cheesy special effects and making use of feminist ideology to push what seems to be a political agenda.

For instance, the film makes use of the repressed memories nonsense claiming that John Bell raped his daughter and that she simply suppressed these memories and only "remembered them later".  That the "suppressed memories" fiasco has been debunked numerous times seems not to matter to the homosexual producer of this horrid film.

Bell's daughter shames young men, hates her father, and then inflicts wounds on herself via a ghost she created.  They never tell you how she projects herself into "ghostly form" and then is able to cause physical injury.  So, I decided to label this occurrence her "psychic powers."  You know, like the other farce "Dionne Warwick's psychic network"?


She uses "psychic powers" to make her "remember" what happened to her.  The funny part should be that psychic powers, and ghosts, have been proven to be a farce by credible science.  Even funnier is how the "psychic powers" can be "heard" by other people in the house, meaning they talk.  All throughout the film you hear the "ghost" which is really just John Bell's crazy daughter projecting her "psychic" energy to remind herself of rape saying "remember."  I found myself wondering why her self-created "ghost" did not just tell her "You've been raped stupid."  That's where the political garbage really can be seen!

Using psychology to unearth past rapes that may have been suppressed, runs the risk of convincing someone who was never abused at all that they were abused by dubious suggestions.


The film makes the dishonest claim that his daughter had it in for him when history, and science, tells us Bell actually died as a result of a neurological disease, not a flaming ghost that was really his crazy daughter.  The filmmaker revises historical facts heavily in order to promote the dad as a rapist.  Supposedly, according to the film, he has been doing this for years but amazingly the mother never noticed because he is "so quiet" when he does it.

The actual story of what went on in the Bell home is quite different than this misandrous version we are given.  The only thing real about the legend is the Bell family.  Another thing to note is that the story is portrayed as something that always happens to young girls when they are with their fathers, which is also false.  It is usually mothers who do the abusing.



In the end a modern day young girl is going to see her dad but she seems afraid to go. The mother does not pick up on this until she reads a diary that was left by the Bell girl, and subsequently the "ghost" of the crazy Bell girl appears and says "Help her!"  She then runs out and looks at the dad's car as the daughter looks innocently helpless in the window like she is with the worst person ever.

Of course these are just more Hollywood add-ons to the real-life boring tale of how John Bell died because he was sick and they had no cure.  The movie flies in the face of reality, since as was said there was no ghost, nor was the dad poisoned, nor was there a real Bell witch.  (It's publicity for an otherwise boring town)  Most of all, the majority of harm to children comes from mothers.  Statistics prove this time and time again.

There are real-life incidents where the "mother" has chased the child down in order to kill them; so whatever point the creator of this flick was trying to make fails to convince.  The very same filmmaker bungled the D&D movie with his severe revisionist tactics and obsession with showing all men as dumb and women as smart.  He tried to change D&D into something it wasn't; a feminist fantasy.  The same occurs here.
IN CONCLUSION: I mean honestly, this movie is fit for one of Oprah's all-female book clubs.  It has all of the makings of psychic garbage, pro-female/anti-male cliches, broken families due to dubious paranormal "evidence", and it is just plain stupid with a bad story line.  I wanted my three bucks back that I paid to rent this junk.  Skip this film.
                                         - Reviewed by Sick of Misandry

Rated: PG13 in USA, 15 in UK due to intense terror and the general theme of the film.
Duration: 1 hour and 31 minutes (but it seems longer)
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