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Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                           Agent Cody Banks  (2003)

I saw this on TV today and I have to say it is basically a male-bashing disguised as a teenage James Bond rip-off.

A sexist woman (Angie Harmon), who has about as much understanding and respect for boys as a typical feminist walks straight into a boys locker room and humiliates a few of the swooning males by smacking them in the balls with a towel just to project some lame super tough kick-ass woman act.


She steals Cody (Frankie Muniz who looks set to be the mangina (a man who is ashamed to be a man) player of negative male-stereotypes of the future judging by his performance in Malcom in the Middle) and she makes many annoying sarcastic authoritative comments and spars with him during training sessions.  She cools down, but the whole matriarchal idea of her dominating all the other officials was irritating as well as her kicking the crap out the typically male dominated enemy forces.


Cody himself is portrayed typically as some exaggerated and far less skilled with women version of James Bond and due to the millions of gigabytes of information passed down over millions of years, has clearly been brought up to view women as some superior life form mainly on the basis of his hormonal needs.


The stereotypical "loser" who we all laugh at on TV sums up the friendlier side of teenage boys (who are in a very vulnerable state it should be noted, not that anyone cares).  His female partner played by Hilary Duff was also repulsive and cruel and the mere fact she has to be a woman to be his partner just sums up the politically correct tripe that action movies have mutated into.  Granted she was not shown to be as skillful as he (by a longshot in fact), but he still has to prove himself as is expected of men to be accepted by women (or for her to like him).

Terrible film!  I don't recommend it to anyone.
                                -Reviewed by Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn

Rated: PG in USA, 12A in UK due to action violence, some foul language and sexual bullying of minors.
Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes
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